God has BIG dreams & plans for your life - are you living in them?
God is good. He has good plans for us, to bless us and give us a hope and a future. He has planned so much more than “good enough” and wants to fill the earth with His presence through you and me. You are designed to fill the earth with His glory. God has big dreams & plans for your life - are you living in them?
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Get your hopes up. God is inviting you to climb higher.

Gideon. David. The woman at the well. God’s hand has often accomplished incredible things characters who faced immeasurable odds. What He has done before - He wants to do again. Though you may have endured difficult situations, God’s strong love is still with you and He’s ready to move….

Are you?

God wants you to know RIGHT NOW that He can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine. The sickness, family problems, or traumatic events that may have walled you in previously are being moved. These may have been your past, but it does not have to be your future.

When mountains of problems slide your way, it can block your vision for a better life. God is opening up your eyes now to imagine opportunities and possibilities beyond what you can ask or imagine. With Him, everything is possible!

And when it’s easier to dream, making practical decisions that lead you to where you want to go can be very difficult...But God’s truth is not dimmed based on your circumstance. And the same spirit that conquered the grave lives in you. You CAN have an amazing future, and you can be a major agent of change that helps bring that about.

I was once hurting and sick for months, and in that time, God gave me keys to agree with His wellness plan for my life. He showed me practical things that I could do that would make His plans for me a reality - in every muscle of my body.

God has made you to be whole, healed and free - to live in a “Perfect Living Zone” where your body, heart, mind and spirit flow together as they were designed. This doesn’t have to be a someday reality - but one that you begin pursuing now with your decisions and actions. He wants to bring Heaven to earth - including in your body!

We have to step boldly out of our situations, previous decisions, and past to say YES to His future with your heart, mind, spirit, time, and attention.

Though pressures may have mounted against you, God’s hand is about to move with you to do incredible things. Are you ready?

Activation: When your problems overwhelm you, find God’s promises in the Scripture about your dreams. Put them around your house. When your problems start talking to you, start talking back with those scriptures. Spend time seeking out the scripture that He says. When you find it easy to dream, start looking at what practical steps you can take to make that dream a reality.

Begin taking steps now: Find material and practical things that you can do now to activate your dreams. Set small goals and begin taking steps toward them.

Community: Get around people that are chasing down their dreams. Share your goals - people who do are more likely to achieve their vision. Find people who have stories where they have overcome great challenges to do amazing things.

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God is inviting you to to move into a new season of your life.

You carry a wealth of maturity and wisdom with you everywhere you go. Your observations, experiences, and decisions have created a life that builds into others around you.

But God’s plan for you doesn’t stop when you reach a particular age. Job lived to be two hundred forty years old. Sarah lived to be one hundred twenty-seven years old. Abraham lived to be one hundred seventy-five years old.

Isaac lived to be one hundred eighty years old, and Joshua one hundred ten years old.

The Apostle John reportedly died at around ninety-four years of age…

At times, you may have felt like you’ve hit a plateau - but there is a summit still left to climb. It’s standing in front of you. If it’s been a while since you’ve been able to see the way forward, now is the perfect time to start looking for it again. Don’t get discouraged - there’s another summit yet for you to climb.

God doesn’t want goodness for you in the future - He wants to release His plans in ALL of you NOW: There is a life of wholeness, not just in physical health, but wholeness of our soul and wholeness in our lives which includes prospering, thriving, and flourishing.

Get ready to experience a new wave of LIFE - and life to the full! God has great plans for you - to give you a hope and a future, and that plan is true every second that you are alive. Don’t be afraid - Your next years of life will be your best yet.

Activation: Spend a few moments each day for the next week in quiet. At this point in your life, you may have already spent many years dedicated to serving other people and developing others around you. Give yourself space and time to welcome God into this time. Ask yourself: When was the last time that you had hope to do something beyond where you are? Did you want to teach 10 years ago? Ever had hope of writing a book? What things - when you think of them - bring you a sense of zeal and excitement? Write those down. Seek out Bible verses to see what God’s will is for this season in your life. Write those down as well. Speak them out.

Begin taking steps now: God has amazing plans, but they will stay in the future (and not move into the present) unless we start partnering with Him to pursue those things He has for us. Find material and practical tasks that you can do now that take you one step closer towards those things that bring you life & hope.

Community: Get around others that are determined to take practical steps to partner with God to bring Heaven to earth - both in their future and in each other now. Connect with other people who have been in seasons where they were sparked back into hope for the future.

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Deeper plans await - God is inviting you to be still in the midst of activity to see what He has next.

You are a productive member of your family and wherever you live and work. When people need something done, people can turn to you to make sure that it’s handled effectively.

You possess great power to change the environments around you with a word, a prayer or a touch. Your home and work or serving space would be very different without your influence, but it can be difficult to notice with so many things on the agenda. But there is so much more for you than the everyday grind or the 9-5. You were born for MORE.

When pursuing your dreams, busy-ness can sometimes create obstacles and cloud your vision to what is really important in the long run.

In life’s most demanding moments and when much is required of you, remember that God wants to invest in you. Without vision, a people perish - and there’s an aspect of your natural design that was born to pursue something bigger and greater. Get in agreement with that with your time, prayers, thoughts, and actions.

In one of the busiest seasons of my life, I started to cry out to God for five minutes a day. I started asking God for specific things - and it changed everything. I started seeking out scripture, taking time to write down ideas and hopes for the future, and praying for God to reveal Himself. Even a small commitment of time on a regular basis can open up God’s will in the situations that you face.

In the next season, God will be opening up your heart and mind to things that are beyond your day-to-day. He will be reminding you of dreams you once had, opening up opportunities beyond what you would ask or imagine.

God is also opening up a greater level of blessing on your health - in your mind, heart, and body. wants you to live in a “Perfect Living Zone” - how your body was originally designed to function without flaw or issue. He does not just for Heaven to come to earth in things around you, but also in you - and is about to equip you to join Him in experiencing His blessing here.

It takes time and effort to care for yourself. Even with much competing for your attention, take time to read the Word, pray, and ask God for things that are obvious that He wants - like healing for people around you, resources for those who need it - but also for what He wants for YOU...things that only you can do and that you were uniquely born to pursue, things that bring delight to your heart.

Activation: Your dreams will grow if you will feed them with time, prayer, and attention. Start a journal, a vision board, or a pinterest board and dedicate five minutes per day thinking about life 5 years, 10 years, and 25 years down the road. Though it may be easy to think of what needs to be done right now, allow yourself permission to dream beyond the moment. Get your eyes and your head up - and start thinking about what you might be able to do today that would help pave the way for what you see and hold in your heart. God is about to do great things - in, with, through, and all around you!

Get equipped: Find resources that will help you think big picture about your life and purpose, spend time in scripture looking for verses about God’s will & heart towards you, and read encouraging stories about people who experienced God moving in their everyday lives.

Community: We can’t succeed in goals by ourselves; we were meant to live them out in community. Find others who are also asking God about their purpose in life. Spend time asking people around you how God is teaching them about His will, their dreams and the future. Share what God is teaching you.

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You have a hunger and passion for God, and its evidence is woven throughout your life. You pursue having energy and space for God. Whether it’s conferences, mission trips or even in conversation with friends, you clearly feel God’s tug on your heart and know when He is speaking. Even better, you listen...So it’s not news to you that God has had plans for you since the foundation of the world. You know that you were born to leave a mark on your generation.

Dreaming for the future and asking God about His purposes on earth isn’t a difficult task for you, but how do you implement it? With some of your life, this has been an easy task. And in some of the bigger visions have been more challenging.

You are a rocket that’s about to launch. It’s important to get equipped, fueled, and ready for the adventure ahead.

Activation: Dreams don’t just happen to us - they are something that we partner with God in bringing to pass. Prophetic words aren’t predictions - they’re invitations, and we have to take action steps in our daily life. What is your WILDEST dream? Where do you want to succeed the most? Where has God gifted you and called you forward? Where do you think He wants to lead you? Write it down. Share that with a friend. Then challenge a friend to do this with you: Set time aside every day this week to pursue to a task that leads you closer to fulfilling that direction.

Get equipped: Your heart is willing to go to the end of the earth with Him. But the journey often begins with a few, simple, practical steps. When you are managing multiple visions - and God is often up to a lot with you - it’s important to organize. Look for Bible verses that support the vision that you feel the Father has given you. Write down the words, visions, prayers and Bible verses that seem to agree. Find community and dedicate daily time to pursue what He has placed on your heart. Ask yourself what skills or character you may need in order to fully embody the place you think God is calling you into.

Community: Find mentors around you that spur you on, that can easily hear God, that want to encourage you in discovering your calling & partnering with Jesus to bring Heaven to earth. Look for people who live what they believe - not just in what they speak, but actually do as they ask others to do. Share your vision with them, ask them to pray for you, and pray for them too! They need your vitality, hope, energy, and fuel-filled perspective on life. We were made to be the Body - and you have something amazing to bring to the table. Find people who want to run with you so that you can encourage one another along the way as you listen, activate, and move with God in His plans.

Want to increase your ability to understand God’s plans for us, to dream, and encourage others to walk in everything that God has for them?

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Put on your running shoes - God is accelerating you into His plans!

Imagine the highest ceiling you could possibly ever hope to attain - the best achievement, the sweetest dreams, the deepest impact on another person’s life, and the brightest future….And then amplify it times 100. God is inviting you into the kind of life that exceeds all your hopes and dreams.

Yes, in this life, we may experience trouble - but He has already overcome the world. We can experience His fullness RIGHT NOW. You know this innately - and your delight in Jesus is infectious. Others catch your enthusiasm and joy. Keep spreading it - do not grow weary in doing good.

Jesus once told a story where seed fell on good soil - and it produced a crop that was thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted. YOU are this highly productive soil. You were born to experience God and then kindle others around you.

God is opening up a way to experience Him on a deeper level - speaking into your future, and allowing Him to lead you as you lead others into a brighter future...signs, wonders, miracles, love, forgiveness, reconciliation, joy, and face to face with God.

You know that you are a vessel - your body, heart, mind and spirit. And you have habits that help keep those parts of you healthy. But how powerful would it be to walk with a bunch of others who also were doing the same - and encouraging a generation to get in line with God in every area of their life? Together, you can take on your community, city, state...and...Well, the world would change.

Activation: Get out a clean sheet of paper and ask God to show you 5 things that you know that God has put in your heart to do, and when you think of them, they bring joy and life.
Now look at that sheet of paper. Do you realize that there are people around you who do not know what those 5 callings are? You have friends - and strangers around you - who need to know what they are built to do. See next steps in the “community” section.

Get equipped: STAY on fire. Find Bible verses that support the dreams that God has shown you. Ask: “What can I dedicate in the next few weeks to take more steps towards these things?” Read stories of others who have also chased down God’s best and brought Heaven to earth.

Community: No man or woman is an island. You need friends and a community that are also running into God’s plans. Come on, world changer...You are the friend that most people hope for and pray for. So take that influence and invite five people around you to do the same challenge. Pray with them and ask God for His plans. Find Bible verses that support or agree with what you both saw in prayer. Then consider what it would be like to dedicate a short season to encourage and engage others to do this on a daily basis. Think of how inspired you would be - and how the world would change.

Want to increase your ability to understand God’s plans for us, to dream, and encourage others to walk in everything that God has for them?

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